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A Guide to Streamlining Product Registration in Dubai

Updated: Jun 17

product registration in dubai

Dubai is one of those thriving economies bustling with ventures across the globe. With strategic geographic placement, the location acts as a catalyst for companies to flourish. However, product registration in Dubai is one of the first foundational steps that commences this cycle of success. This particular stage necessitates extra care because of its precise specifications and strict adherence to current laws and regulations.

An Overview of Product Registration in Dubai

Before delving deeper into the subject of this article, it is essential to understand what product registration in Dubai registration of products refers to legally approving products by regulatory authorities and thus getting an allowance for selling these into the market.

  • It is almost like a trustworthy seal by concerned authorities, that confirms the optimal safety and quality of the same.

  • Specifically in Dubai, other than the aforementioned aspects, it's also important to mention the true key ingredients with quantities and other relevant information for products like F&B, etc.

  • In other cases, it is thoroughly checked whether the product has any toxic chemicals or substances or not.

The Necessity for Product Registration in Dubai

Diving deeper into this process can be lengthy which is why it's normal for a question to arise, i.e. Why's it even necessary to register products before releasing them into the market? Well, in terms of the legal framework, product registration in Dubai is obligatory. It means that the Municipalities have mandated the registration of products before it reaches the market. This is so, because of the following reasons

  • To avoid the spread of counterfeit products

  • To maintain the standards or quality of products utilized by the masses

  • To keep track of all the companies who are releasing their products into the market.

  • To provide an opportunity for conscious consumerism.

  • To regulate and prohibit any goods or materials that can be toxic or harmful to the masses.

Categories for Product Registration in Dubai

The markets in both the UAE, and Dubai are vibrant, and bustling with different products. Product Registration in Dubai can become a tad bit easier if the types of products that need to be registered are known. Here are some of the notable categories of products that require a proper channel of registration before being released into the markets.

  • Supplements

  • Medicines and medical commodities.

  • Bodycare

  • Foods and Beverages

  • Other edible items

  • Petcare items

  • Electronics

  • Hygiene products

Prohibited and Restricted Items that Cannot Undergo Product Registration in Dubai

Although there are numerous categories of items that are available for the consumers. Nevertheless, some items have limited or banned accessibility to the markets. Prohibited Items aren't allowed for Product Registration in Dubai whereas Restricted Items have very limited and regulated access in special cases. Some of these items are as follows :

Prohibited Items

  • Narcotics or Drugs

  • Gambling and Associated Items

  • Items manufactured or associated with Israel

  • Leaf of the Betel Plant

  • Fishing nets and apparatus made of nylon

  • E-cigarettes and others

Restricted Items

  • Spirits and Alcoholic Beverages

  • Diamonds with a Rough finish

  • Printed and media products

  • Nuclear power products, etc

Pre-Requisites and Steps for Product Registration in Dubai

The procedure corporations use to register what they sell is essentially identical in all UAE municipalities.

Trade License

First of all, it has to be checked if the business has acquired its trade license which allows the movement of products in the market.

Choice of Municipality

Following, this, the application for registration is to be submitted in the same municipality from which the license has been issued. However, once the registration is done, the registered products can be sold across all the Emirates.

Product Variations

Another prerequisite for registering products in Dubai is to ensure that individual registrations are done separately if different versions of the product exist. Suppose a bottle of shampoo is packed in bottles of both 250 and 500 ml bottles. In this case, the business will have to register each quantity of bottle separately.

Product Registration in Dubai can be smoother if these prerequisites are fulfilled efficiently.

The Application

The process commences with applying for product registration in the municipality from where the trade license has been issued.

Payment of Fee

The business has to pay a pre-designated application fee and fill up all details with precision and accuracy in the application form. It has to be noted that there will be separate applications if the concerned product exists in different versions (eg: different quantities).

Documentation and Label Inspection

The relevant and required documents of proof are to be provided with the form along with a viable label of the product to be registered.

The entire process for product registration in Dubai can be completed online through the official website of the municipality of Dubai or the concerned Emirates.


Once the application form is submitted, the regulatory authorities of the municipality will go through the submission carefully. If any discrepancy is found, the authorities ask the concerned business for an explanation. On the other hand, if all the documents and information provided by the business fall in alignment with the existing rules and laws, the product is legally registered and an e-certificate is generated for the same.


For all the municipalities, registration of any product stays valid for five years, after which the business has to re-register its product.

Product Testing Parameters for Product Registration in Dubai

Although there are vastly diverse categories of products that apply for product registration in Dubai, however, almost all of them are inspected for two major aspects:

Type of Ingredient

If a product is directly or indirectly associated with the human body for instance, any f&b product needs to be ingested by the consumers. In these cases, the type of ingredients included in its manufacturing is checked rigorously for proper safety.

Label Data

The labels of the products are checked for alignment with all regulatory as well as safety standards. It is noteworthy to mention that accuracy and prompt update of the label in case new information is to be added, is also appreciated.

Viability of Product Registration in Dubai

A product is considered legally viable for distribution amongst the masses only when it follows all standards of the CPCC. If the status remains as not accepted while product registration in Dubai, then it cannot be circulated.

  • As already mentioned the validity of registration is five years.

  • Based on this deadline, companies should arrange for the prerequisites beforehand to avoid delays.

  • This process is highly crucial to maintain your product's trust and business in the markets.

Advantages of Product Registration in Dubai

Product Registration in Dubai can open a highly lucrative market with diverse consumers for business owners. The major advantages are as follows :

Compliance with Authorities

Registration of products in Dubai ensures that all the legalities are met with transparency thereby building a rigid trust.

Accessibility to Markets

Business owners get access to the dynamic and ever-growing markets of Dubai and its impactful consumers.

Consumer Confidence

It builds a relationship of trust with the consumers as they become sure that the products bought by them are safe to use.

Intellectual Protection

It allows unique and worthwhile businesses to protect their intellectual property from counterfeiting activities, thus keeping the market free of fishy activities.

Easier Market Expansion

Such practice allows ventures to expand their territory easily as they have the foundational support of regulatory authorities.

Services for Product Registration in Dubai

The entire process for product registration in Dubai and all of the other municipalities in the UAE is complex. Organizations that are setting up their ventures in Dubai for the first time or even the existing local ventures can often find it tough to unwind through the regulatory frameworks and paperwork required throughout the process. Nevertheless, Earthy Ace’s product management services take care of all this hassle.

  • Its experienced team provides adept counseling and a clear pathway, thus guiding organizations to register their products seamlessly.

  • EA ensures proper conduct at every step along with vigilance of product labels, verification of documents, and every other minute aspect of product registration.

  • It also has a comprehensive suite of services that involves all major aspects for setting up a new business or flourishing an existing one, in the lands of Dubai.

  • Taking the help of such efficient service providers ultimately allows companies to shift their attention toward other aspects of management and avoid unnecessary worries and delays.


Is Registration mandatory for products in Dubai?

Yes to release your products in the market, companies are mandated to register their products through the regulatory authorities.

Where should we register our products?

Products should be registered in the same municipality where your trade license has been issued.

Is there any monetary investment for product registration in Dubai?

Yes, you have to pay a certain fee to the authorities, depending upon the type of product you want to sell.

How do I register my product in Dubai?

  • Establish a company that provides beneficial and unique products.

  • Obtain a trade license from Dubai Municipality.

  • Apply for registration in the same municipality.

  • Submit valid and accurate documentation.

  • Undergo label scrutiny and review by authorities.

  • Receive e-certificate.

  • Renew your registration after five years.

How can a company avoid this hassle and still register its products?

Experienced companies like Earthy Ace take care of all the regulatory nuances of product registration in Dubai for their clients so that they have to worry no more.

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