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How It Works

From inquiry to delivery, we seamlessly manage your e-commerce journey with expert assistance, efficient fulfillment, and valuable data insights.


Step 1

Client Onboarding

  • Account Manager Assigned: As your company executive reaches us by filling the Contact Us form, we assign an account manager to take the process forward and create your account in our systems.

  • Export Assistance: We provide guidance on documents required for export to the UAE.

  • Product Registration (if applicable): We provide necessary product registration services with UAE authorities for legal import and sale.


Step 2

Shipment Received at UAE Port

  • Seamless Customs Clearance: Our team efficiently navigates your shipment through UAE customs, ensuring accurate and complete documentation to avoid delays.


Step 4

Product Listing

  • We take care of maintaining online visibility and sales of your products by listing them on major relevant online platforms.

fast-delivery (3).png

Step 6

The Last-Mile

  • Fast & Convenient Delivery: Our dedicated delivery team prioritizes getting your order to your customer's doorstep swiftly, utilizing efficient processes to ensure a fast and convenient experience.


Step 8

Secure Monetary Settlements

  • Streamlined Payment Collection: We handle all aspects of payment collection securely, ensuring a smooth and transparent process for our clients and their customers.


Step 9

Data-Driven Business Insights

  • Business Reports & Analysis: We generate comprehensive reports and analyze product performance data to provide valuable insights that help you make informed business decisions.

warehouse (2).png

Step 3


  • Port to Warehouse: Once your product reaches the Dubai port, it's our duty to transport them safely at the heart of our logistics hub in Dubai, i.e. the EA warehouse.

  • Inventory Management: We manage your inventory, ensuring proper storage and organization based on Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) for efficient order fulfillment.

box (1).png

Step 5

Receiving & Processing Order

  • Orders: Once a customer places an order, the EA inventory tracks it and moves forward with the processing.

  • Precise Order Picking: Upon receiving an order, we meticulously pick the required items from the warehouse based on the order details.

  • Dispatch: The processed order is then securely packed and dispatched for swift and reliable delivery.


Step 7

Seamless Returns Management

  • Efficient Returns Processing: We understand that returns are a part of the e-commerce experience. Our team handles customer return requests promptly and efficiently, minimizing any inconvenience.

  • Thorough Inspection Upon Arrival: Once returned, your products undergo a thorough inspection at our warehouse to ensure quality and adherence to our return policy.

Warehouse Shelves from Above


Let's Elevate Your Business! 

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